1987: Born in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

1991: MADE MY FIRST DRAWING probably around here. Time traveller notice: Don't screw up this moment.

1995: Made A Gameboy and a jet fighter out of old cardboard,
While Watching a lot of saturday morning cartoons like Ren & Stimpy and Cow and Chicken.
Fuel for life. Oh yeah and I Became a big Toy STory fan.

1998: Start Making my first (collab) comics called "Radioactive man", "Bermuda" and "Moscow III",
comic artist becomes my absolute dream job. Also a lot of puzzle style illustrations.
1999: Listening to a lot of rock music like Linkin Park, System of a down, while Wearing baggy pants.
Yeah rock on! \m/.
2004: Learned how to work with adobe photoshop, illustrator and Premiere Pro.
while Studying media design At Cibap Vakcollege, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
2005: My first real design internship at MeMo Reclame.
Visited my first music festival around here. Setting toilet paper on fire.
2008: Making my first design commission, a logo for 2CVClub. It is still in use today!
2009: Learning how to animate in Adobe Flash. Oh, Those were the days.
Listening to Instrumental hiphop, movie scores and Drum 'n bass.
2010: Developing an art book, Action figure and comics collecting obsession
Got introduced to my new love, Adobe after effects.

2011: Study animation at the Utrecht University of arts (HKU)
and still doing a lot of experimental illustration and graphic design.
Saw my first Amon Tobin  show for the first time. Dayumn.
2012: Started volunteering at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival.
Doing an internship as animator and graphic designer at Submarine and doing my first 2 voor 12 animation.
2013: hosted guided tours at the wonderfull Pixar Exposition in Amsterdam. That Zoetrope.. Wow.
Doing my first poster design job for Poppodium Underground Lelystad (now dubbed Corneel).
2015: Worked as a motion designer at Buutvrij for life, officially started my own business.
and making my first illustrated flag for Lowlands festival with my friend's face as a reference.
2016: SuperMoved to Zwolle, the Netherlands. Also started working in media education on Cibap Vakschool.
designing voluntarily for Kink FM.
2017: Visited China schools for teaching creative thinking workshops with students.
Also a lot of awesome food. Made an animated background for a dance show by Reflex.
2018: Taken part with some experimental animation in A Bring your own beamer event in Zwolle.
And made my first submission for Pakje kunst.
2019: Kicking into hyperdrive again. met DesignHub038 and New clients LIKE URBN VILLAGE, new possibilities. Konnichi wa Japan. also started off with the Drawsome collective. Learning graffiti.
2020: Reaching out for new cool adventures, LIke making a music video for MINKA.
[Cue flux capacitor]
2022: Music and food Festival design, socks, t-shirts, shoes, Beer brands, gaming, Book illustrations.
2030: Short movie.
2053: Flying cars in space, and a bunch of cool and somewhat creepy monsters with laserdicks. Duude.