My name is Laurens van Walbeek, I come in peace from the late 80s, born in a small settlement called Lelystad.
During educatION in Multimedia design at Cibap Vakschool voor Vormgeving I started doing my own commissioned and independent design and artwork. During my Bachelor in Animation at HKU and the years following I have learned a lot about concepts, design and motion, software and organisations. I moved to the city of Zwolle to go on new creative adventures which thankfully got me into a bunch of creative projects for culture, Art, design, interactivity and more. Meanwhile I've Also earned An educator's degree, and Adobe Associate certificates for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

Apart from freelance jobs for various clients and initiatives you can find in this portfolio, I have been Employed at Buutvrij for life, Cibap vakschool voor vormgeving, Kaboom Animation Festival, Amsterdam Pixar Expo, Goliath Games and others. 
I love to travel, play video games, listen to music (on stage or at home), watching movies and
speaking and working with passionate people.
I Hope you enjoy!

Laurens van Walbeek
Studio Laurens van Walbeek & Drawsome
CV / Creative Resume
Please Check out my creative Resume below, also available as printable PDF: