BIO Laurens van Walbeek
1987: Born in Lelystad, the Netherlands

1991: MADE MY FIRST DRAWING probably around here

1995: Made A Gameboy and a jet fighter out of old cardboard
While Watching a lot of saturday morning cartoons
Became a big Toy STory fan

1996: Making my first comic, becomes my dream job
1999: Listening to a lot of rock music
Wearning baggy pants
2004: Learned how to work with
adobe photoshop, illustrator and Premiere Pro
At Cibap Vakcollege, Zwolle, The Netherlands
2005: My first design internship at MeMo
Visited my first music festival
2008: Making my first design commission, a logo for 2CVClub
2009: Learning how to animate in Adobe Flash
2010: Developing an art book, Action figure and comics obsession
Got introduced to Adobe after effects

2011: Study animation at the Utrecht University of arts
and doing a lot of experimental illustration and graphic design
Saw a live show of Amon Tobin for the first time
2012: Started volunteering at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival
Doing an internship at Submarine and doing my first 2 voor 12 animation
2013: hosted guided tours at the Pixar Exposition in Amsterdam
Doing my first design job for Underground Lelystad (now Corneel)
2015: Intern as a motion designer at Buutvrij for life
Also officially started my own business
and making my first poster for Lowlands festival
2016: Moved to Zwolle, the Netherlands
Also started working in media education on Cibap
And designing for Kink FM
2017: Visited China schools for teaching creative thinking
Animated a background for a dance show by Reflex
2018: Taken part in A Bring your own beamer event
And made a submission for Pakje kunst
2019: Looking for more awesome design projects
Rethinking my business strategy
2030: Flying cars and cool monsters